CA Dream Network Scholarship 2011 - Now Available! Sticky


In the last twelve months students from the CA Dream Network planned and organized several successful events to fund raise money for our annual scholarship. We are proud to announce that CHIRLA and the CA Dream Network are now offering four $500 dollar scholarships to four immigrant students. Some oil trading events were also included to raise funds. Due to the demand for oil, the availability of auto trading platforms like the oil profit platform have been offering good profits to the traders. Visit öl profit site to know more about this platform. Applications are now available to download. For more details and eligibility requirements download the application today.

Applications are due May 31st, 2011. Please share this link with all your friends. 


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CA Dream Network Students Travel to Sacramento for CA Dream Act Hearing Sticky


On Monday night CA Dream Network students gathered at the CHIRLA offices for a sending off event in preparation for a trip to Sacramento later that night. They made posters and had dinner and most importantly went through training on lobbying that would be useful the following day. Later that night CA Dream Network students from Southern California traveled to Sacramento for a day of action that included lobbying and a press conference as well as the hearing on both AB130 and AB131. They left on a bus with students from other groups around midnight and arrived in Sacramento early in the morning. Southern California was not the only part of the network that was present, students from Bakersfield traveled down to Los Angeles to catch the bus and students from Merced, Stockton and San Jose traveled directly to Sacramento and of course who could forget our Sacramento State and UC Davis members who met us at the capitol.

We were only in Sacramento for one day but our presence was felt. Students roamed the halls of the capitol knocking on every door and meeting with every legislator that they could. A press conference was held inside the capitol by Asm Cedillo and his colleagues and our members were there in front showing their full support. After lunch we all headed to the hearing room which was completely packed with students unfortunately the room was small so many where left out, but those outside the hearing room gathered in the cafeteria and hallways to watch the hearing on television and every vote in favor was greeted with cheers and applause as if someone had just scored a game winning goal. Both AB130 and AB131 were passed by the committee of higher education so we left satisfied that on this day we had a victory. Everyone went home upbeat but knowing full well that we had a long bus ride home and that the fight for our dreams would continue. 


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California Dream Network's 10th Statewide Retreat a Success


On the weekend of February 25th-27th, more than 150 students representing 40 community colleges and universities gathered in San Joaquin Delta College in Stockton, CA to discuss and choose the network's campaign goals for 2011. College football games have a separate fanbase. Betting on college football games captivates fans worldwide, offering a thrilling platform for wagering. As Wales gears up for its sporting events, enthusiasts can also explore the excitement of American college football. Visit this site to discover more about upcoming sporting events in Wales while diving into the world of college football betting.

During the three-day-long retreat students engaged in educated discussions about immigration, budget cuts, farmworkers’ rights, queer rights, and other social issues affecting many communities from across state. At the end of retreat, the network collectively decided to fight for the passage of the CA Dream Act, advocate for an end to budget cuts on education, and support driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants. 

By partaking in several workshops and trainings students developed their leadership, organizing, and critical thinking skills and became aware of other social issues affecting their communities. The workshops addressed a range of issues including understanding the undocumented and queer identities; exploring social media and technological tools to galvanize support for an issue and maintain activism; and understanding direct action and nonviolent resistance to inform and bring awareness to social issues. Retreat participants also shared important resources and scholarship information with one another and provided advice and unconditional support to aspiring transferring students.

Also, the CA Dream Network unveiled its new logo with t-shirts and logos, website, and structure. The new structure concentrates on the power and influence of campuses with short proximities to one another instead on regions. Currently, there are 17 Dream Networks across the state and 17 steering members representing and guiding each Dream Network.

The retreat was planned, organized, and lead by immigrant youth and was a total success for all who participated in it. 

The CA Dream Network expresses its gratitude to CHIRLA for its continued support, dedication to immigrant and students' rights, and for helping us make our 10th statewide retreat a reality. 


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CDN Members Hand-Deliver Letter to Gov. Brown Requesting Passage of the CA Dream Act - January 3rd, 2011



On Monday, January 3, 2011 members of the California Dream Network (CDN) attended the inauguration of California Governor Jerry Brown and handed him a letter requesting passage of the California Dream Act and driver's license legislation for undocumented immigrants.

The results of the mid-term elections of Nov. 2, 2010 showed that Latino and immigrant voters were crucial to the election of Jerry Brown as governor of California and that of other pro-immigrant  legislators to several key governmental positions. 

Ariana Gonzalez, steering member of the Northern Region, provides a detailed account of their experience: 

During campaign Brown said if CA Dream Act makes it to his desk (as presented to former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger) he would sign it, and the CA Dream Network wants to make sure he follows through on his promise.

Representatives from San Joaquin Delta College Puente Club (Ariana Gonzalez, Monica Gomez) and Sacramento State University (Motec. Sanchez) showed up on Inauguration day with the goal of getting a letter of congratulations and reminder into the hands of Gov. Jerry Brown, but we hadn't really figured out how. 

We were able to get into the inauguration, had some lunch at The People's Inauguration Party sponsored by Orange County Employees Association and Senator Lou Correa before heading inside to the Governor's office.

We waited outside his office trying to figure out how to make it past security, after 30 minutes or so, the doors opened and he came through with his entourage, I made it past his escorts and handed him the letter and said “this is on behalf of the CA Dream Network, we look forward to working with you in passing the CA Dream Act”, he took it and said “Great!”, then handed the letter to security. It all happened so fast, but our goal for the day was completed.

Afterward we went upstairs to Assembly member Cedillo’s office and spoke with Luis Quinones, gave him a copy of the letter and asked to know how we can support their work.


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