CA Dream Network Students Testify Against Repeal of AB540!

On Tuesday March 29th, 2011 members of the CA Dream Network from De Anza Community College and Sacramento State testified against the repeal of AB540. The repeal of AB540 this year came disguised in the form of Assembly Bill 63 written by Assemblyman Donnelly. Assemblyman Donnelly at first claimed that this bill was written to benefit those in the military but when given the option to help military personnel while keeping AB540 he made it clear that he would not agree to those changes and that AB540 needed to be repealed. What was shocking to the people present was the blatant disregard for immigrant students showed by the students testifying in favor of repeal, one of which is the student body president from Monterey Peninsula College he boasted that the schools student government had passed a resolution supporting AB63 and went as far as asking the commIttee to think about who will actually vote in the next elections before making their decision. Anaruth Hernandez and the other students testifying against the repeal spoke eloquently and made the case for keeping AB540 well. Thanks to their dedication and courage the committee members voted against this bill  by a vote of 4 to 2 specifically because they where against the repeal of AB540. When asked about her experience testifying here a few words Anaruth said. “When Donnelly was done spewing hate it was time for the opposition to come forth. I and Arely went up there and gave our testimonies; since this was my first time I had no idea that I was going to feel the effects of my oppression so deeply.  I was thankful for the chance to speak; I was horrified of saying the wrong thing and the consequences of what that may carry. My body physically reacted, I felt myself strained to get every word out, and get it out right”. Thanks again to the students who testified for the thousands of us who could not be there.  

To watch CDN members testify agaisnt AB63 click here

Actual hearing starts at 1:22:00
Testimonies starts at 1:29:00