CA Dream Act Organizing Packet Now Available!!

DREAMers and allies from across California are mobilizing, advocating, and organizing to make sure the CA Dream Act becomes a reality in 2011. To help you with your advocacy efforts, the CA Dream Network has put together and released the "CA Dream Act Organizing and Legislative Packet - Vol. 1". (PLEASE distribute widely.) This packet contains:

  1. Cover Sheet (Instructions on how to use this packet are on the cover sheet.)
  2. CA Dream Act AB 130 Fact Sheet
  3. CA Dream Act AB 131 Fact Sheet
  4. CA Dream Act Talking Points
  5. Sample Resolution in Support of the CA Dream Act
  6. Support the CA Dream Act Petition
  7. Call-in Action Flyer
  8. "Lighting the CA Dream Torch Across California" Flyer

YOU are the reason why the CA Dream Act is still alive and your determination, passion, and efforts are encouraging other students and allies to join this movement. We need to maintain and increase the pressure on our State Representatives and, most importantly, on Governor Brown to make sure they pass and sign the CA Dream Act into law in 2011. We all need to remind our state legislators that DREAMers are the future of California and aspiring professionals who contribute back to their communities in many ways. Help us gather signatures by printing the attached petition and organizing a petition drive, and by printing and distributing the attached "Call-in Action" and "Lighting the CA Dream Torch Across California" flyers. To view, print, and/or download the packet scroll down.

THANK YOU so much for your support AND stay alert because Volume 2 of this packet will be released next week.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” - Helen Keller

CA Dream Act Organizing Packet - Vol 1 - CDN