Getting Ready For Deferred Action - Informational Packet To be Sent Out To Students

Students Review "Document This!" Packet

Good news for those unsure on how to prepare for Deferred Action – help is on the way.

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Starting tomorrow, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles (CHIRLA) and the California Dream Network (CDN) will be mailing guides on how to prepare for when the initiative takes into effect on August 15.

The packet will be in a manila envelope, with the CHIRLA logo on the top left corner and a picture with the words “DOCUMENT THIS!” on it. Underneath it is an important message – “The enclosed information has the potential to change a person’s life.”

Included in the packet are the following documents, in English and Spanish:

  • A breakdown of who’s eligible for Deferred Action
  • A checklist of the documents needed to apply for Deferred Action (on the envelope)
  • Information on how to get in contact with CHIRLA and how to get involved

We will also be distributing them at our Statewide Retreat at USC. If you haven’t signed up yet, do so at by July 31st.

We also have the documents online ready to download, as well as some background info on Deferred Action, including statements from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano. You can download the documents at the bottom of this page.

The reason that we’re sending this information out is because it’s important to get the needed documents ready for when the application for Deferred Action goes live on August 15. Preparing your records makes it much easier to get things in order and makes applying for Deferred Action faster. Remember – this information is currently the most up-to-date data that we have. There may be more requirements when August 15 arrives.

Share this information with anyone who can benefit from it – students, instructors, counselors, parents, and more. Like the packet says, this information can change a person’s life. Pass it on.

THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION FOR DEFERRED ACTION – that hasn’t been released yet. The application will be released on August 15. Remember, CHIRLA will offer assistance for applying for Deferred Action on and after August 15.

We're aiming to mail 15,000 of these guides, which will be delivered to anyone on the CHIRLA mailing list. If you want to request a packet or have any questions, feel free to contact CHIRLA at (888) 624-4752.