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Tell us your story, your family’s story, the movement’s story!

Last year as we celebrated the passage of the CA Dream Act and a decade of work since AB540, we decided to embark in an exciting journey to capture and document the history, struggles, and successes from the unique perspective of Wise Up!, CHIRLA, the CA Dream Network, and immigrant youth in a yearbook.

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Freedom Riders and DREAM Activists Panel Sticky


CHIRLA, CA Dream Network and Wise Up! are joining with the Center for American Progress, Center for the Study of Immigration Integration, Campus Progress and Firelight Media to present a panel discussion featuring two groups of amazing student activists.  The Freedom Riders in 1961 came from all over the country into Alabama and Mississippi to challenge segregation in inter-state transit.  They were successful and helped spark changes across the South.  Today, DREAM students are putting their futures on the line, acknowledging they are undocumented, and organizing to change the law and minds.


Join us for the Freedom Riders and Dreamers Panel discussion with Freedom Riders from 1961 and current DREAM Activists from the CA Dream Network and Wise Up! to hear how the struggles compare and what can be learned from a 50 year old student led strategy as we organize for immigrant rights today.

Watch the Emmy Award winning documentary Freedom Riders for free at

LOCATION: University of Southern California (USC) Doheny Library Room 240
DATE: Thursday, December 1st
TIME: 6 pm to 8:30 pm for the panel discussion.  
Registration and snacks start @ 6pm.


Watch Freedom Riders on PBS. See more from AMERICAN EXPERIENCE.

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Gov. Brown Signs AB 131 - CA Dream Act Part 2 Sticky


Today, Saturday, October 8th, Governor Jerry Brown kept his promise to the California electorate and signed AB131, part two of the California Dream Act.

The following is a statement from Angelica Salas, Executive Director at CHIRLA:

"A great day for California, for education, and for immigrant students who have kept their end of the bargain and continue to give their best to the only nation they know as their home.
AB131 opens a small window of opportunity to thousands of students who will continue to prove this nation that in spite of the obstacles they face, they shine like the stars they are. We are all winners with AB131.

We thank Gov. Brown for his signature and we urge him to continue to exercise leadership, courage, and wisdom on behalf of immigrants nationwide.  California can be the firewall to so much anti-immigrant legislation and attitudes and our Governor can be the beacon of hope in the West Coast. We also thank Assemblyman Gil Cedillo for his tireless efforts on behalf of all Californians."

Assemblymember Cedillo stated, “I first want to express my gratitude to Governor Brown who has today given hope and opportunity to thousands of current and future students and their families by signing Assembly Bill 131.   The signing of now both parts of the California Dream Act will send a message across the country that California is prepared to lead the country with a positive and productive vision for how we approach challenging issues related to immigration.”

The California Dream Act was introduced by Cedillo as two bills in January of this year. The first bill AB 130, which was signed by Governor Brown on July 25, will allow students that meet the in-state tuition requirements to apply for and receive scholarships derived from non-state funds. AB 131 would allow students that meet the in-state tuition requirements to apply and receive financial aid at California public colleges and universities. The types of financial aid these students would be eligible for include:

1) Board of Governors (BOG) Fee Waiver
2) Institutional Student Aid: student aid program administered by the attending college or university (i.e. State University Grant, UC Grant) and
3) Cal Grants. These students would not be eligible to apply or receive any Competitive Cal Grants unless funding remains available after all California resident students have received Competitive awards they are eligible for.

The best way to thank Governor Brown for his signature is that you take time today to write a positive statement on his website, newspaper sites and blogs that feature this story so that your comments outweigh the negative comments.  Some sites you can visit include:  Sacramento Bee, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, San Francisco Chronicle, La Opinion, Washington Post, Washington Times, New York Times, and others similar.  

It’s is important to express our support to the Gov. by ensuring our positive comments are read as well.

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ICE Rams Poison Pill down Americans' Throats Sticky

Unfair and opaque "Secure Communities" fishing net expands all over US
Los Angeles – John Sandweg, counsel to Department for Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano, hosted a phone call today for stakeholders, including community organizations like CHIRLA to announce it will, effective immediately and unilaterally, terminate all Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) with states who have signed one in order to implement “Secure Communities”, a fingerprint-sharing program between ICE and local police that in reality functions as a drag-net to detain undocumented immigrants, including half a million non-criminal immigrants.
The following is a statement from Angelica Salas, Executive Director, for the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, a regional community-based organization based in Los Angeles:
“From the beginning, S-Comm has been shrouded in lies and deception – and it is increasingly clear that its stated aim of targeting serious criminals was just a smokescreen for achieving record numbers of deportations for an 'enforcement-only' approach. Communities are being torn apart and community policing is being eviscerated. The much touted reforms that DHS announced recently and the so-called 'community' task force are delegitimized now. It's absolutely bad faith by DHS to blindside Americans ahead of the public hearings it has scheduled in several cities including Los Angeles.
California and Los Angeles is the home of immigrants and ICE has no business introducing this toxic organism into the Golden State. Rather than truly reforming S-Comm, ICE is busy spinning wool to put over the eyes of the community. This policy is disastrous and as such it can and should be ended.
This latest step is simply outrageous and we call on Governor Brown and Attorney General Harris to stand for the true values of California, and tell ICE that S-Comm needs to end.”
CONTACT: Jorge-Mario Cabrera, (562) 243-5559, [email protected]
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